Attorney Bio

About Attorney Hillman


As a kid, I was the low-key advocate and attention-getter masquerading as a nerd,  so lawyering has always as been as natural for me as talking. 

With that said, we live in a society that is replete with trees of disharmony and litigation is the fruit. Despite that truth, each tree is unique and must be assessed for its own personal fruit. Sometimes the fruit of our lives can spill over onto the property of others and conflicts can then ensue. That brings me to this lawyering thing. Basically, my superpower is that I help people resolve conflicts. No, really.

Meanwhile, at the Halls of Justice, many people have yet to identify the actual issues that are in controversy in their case. Therefore, my approach to lawyering is not what one typically thinks of when they envision the status quo–aka, court shows and what their friend said.  I consider myself an ordinary person trying to do something extraordinary in our current environment.

What I mean is, ordinary people are dealing with ordinary people issues that have the ability to alter the course of their lives on an ordinary day. My goal is to provide advice, counsel, and legal advocacy necessary to help ordinary people get resolution to these issues. 

Education and Training:

  • Juris Doctorate degree earned in 2011 from North Carolina Central University School of Law.
  • Master of Public Administration earned in 2005 from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
  • Bachelors degree earned in 1999 from Florida A&M University.

Bar Memberships:

  • Prince George’s County Bar Association
  • J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association
  • Maryland State Bar Association
  • American Bar Association

Volunteer and other activities:

I aim to be well-rounded because after all, balance is justice! I enjoy my time with my baby wolves, yoga, that 80s R&B while cleaning my house on a Saturday, soul food, and connecting with good people.