She killin’ the game…

  • A family law client was seeking sole physical and legal custody of her child.  She was nervous and afraid that she would lose custody of her child.  After a long court battle, the client was awarded sole physical and sole legal custody, child support, back child support, and court costs.
  • A client who was seeking to terminate his child support order that had been entered because he was married to the mother when the children were born, although the children were not his. His license had been suspended and his wages garnished due to non-payment.  My office was able to successfully argue the case, have his license restored, and the child support terminated.
  • A client seeking a divorce where the other party was seeking $30,000 of his retirement was able to obtain a divorce and walk away only having to pay the other party $3,000.
  • A civil litigation client, that was a business, who had been sued multiple times in Federal and Circuit Court hired my office to represent them on a tort claim.  My office was able to give the client the stress relief they needed after being sued on various occasions.  The case was dismissed with prejudice, preventing the person from suing them again for the same thing.