Areas of Practice

The Law Office of Tisha S. Hillman, LLC handles matters involving family law–including adoption, criminal, traffic, personal injury, and appellate review.

family LawFamily Law

Life is an experience but first she is a storm—CWG

For some, that experience includes the often painful realization that some relationships and situations are no longer serving our highest possible benefit. Regardless, that requires an adjustment to the new “normal.”

Having a lawyer should be like having a GPS navigating you through your legal storm. Whether you need guidance through adoption, custody, child support, or divorce, we can help.  Call us at 301.744.7996!

criminal lawCriminal Law

Being arrested or detained for any amount of time by law enforcement can be an overwhelming situation, accordingly it is very important to know your rights. Many people make the mistake of listening to friends or other non-lawyers to provide legal advice in these critical situations.  Don’t make that mistake!  You need to know your constitutional rights when being stopped, arrested, questioned, or otherwise detained.

Knowing your rights can keep you from having a felony or misdemeanor on your record, losing your job or security clearance, or even possibly being deported.  Do not take chances with your freedom or your reputation!

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traffic lawPersonal Injury

Rule #1 and 2…Insurance Adjusters work for the insurance company.  Hire an attorney before you talk to the  insurance adjuster so you can have someone working for you too. Whether you have:

  • Been injured in an automobile accident;
  • Involved in a slip and fall or other premises liability action; or
  • Been harmed by the negligent actions of another in any capacity,

knowing the legal and equitable remedies available to you are important. During a consultation we can explain these remedies to you and discuss a plan of action toward the goal of obtaining these remedies.

The legal process can be time-consuming, expensive, and at times, frustrating for many. I encourage my clients to make it easier for themselves by having all the documents regarding the facts and circumstances surrounding your injury in an organized form ready to present when you meet with your attorney.

Remember, loose lips sink ships and inadvertent disclosure of information could be potentially damaging your legal case.

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Appellate Review

The appellate review is a process that allows the losing party in a legal matter to have a higher court review the case after the final judgment has been entered by the trial court.

If appealing a final judgment in District Court, the Circuit Court of the county where the case was heard can conduct an appellate review. When appealing a final judgment in Circuit Court regarding civil and criminal matters, most people will file with the Court of Special Appeals, which is the intermediary appellate court.

In Maryland, there are two appellate courts–the Court of Special Appeals and the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals is the higher of two courts and will only review cases at its discretion. A party must file a writ of certiorari with the Court of Appeals asking the court to hear your case.

Filing appeals is a different process and experience than many are accustomed to and doing so requires the ability to navigate that process effectively.

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